Plan to reach the coldest spot on earth. On motorbike.

This is an adventure of the lifetime. And You can help make it happen. Dig into details bellow.

Meet the Siberian "Road of Bones"

In February 2019, starting in Yakutsk and finishing in Oymyakon - the coldest inhabited place on earth, i will travel on the most treacherous roads in the world.

Some serious temperature drop downs are expected all the way. Yakutsk temperature in a morning of February is -40 Celsius and drops to -60 Celsius in Oymyakon.

Mountainous region and sometimes partly unfrozen rivers will be ‘a cherry on a pie’ just before finish of extremely cold 1000km ride.

  1. 1. Packing the gear

    The journey starts in Lithuania. I am packing the gear to the train and shipping it to Siberia

  2. 2. Reaching Russia

    Landing in Moscow to catch another 6 hour flight

  3. 3. Grand start

    Enjoying last 'warm' day at the start line of adventure - Yakutsk glows the face with gentle -40 C

  4. 4. Finish line

    Cold but happy under the sun of Oymyakons' -60 C

Meet the rider

I am Karolis Mieliauskas 36 y.o. father and for me tough motorcycle ride is a perfect method for active meditation. Motorbike plays as a tool to test upper limits of own performance and to explore the self.

I mostly travel alone and like to ride 1000km a day on my single cylinder all around motorbike.

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