Ride on the ice: Across the frozen lake Baikal

I am not the one who likes to park a bike after summer season. And we have cold periods here. So, not a mild weather place for nice winter rides. Except those quick & funny ones on the frozen lakes. But i like to ride continuously. To travel. How to make it happen here when thickness of the ice is not equal and the longest lake is 29 km long? This is how i have found myself on the ice of the deepest (1642 m) lake in the world - Baikal, in March 2017. It happened nearly 800 km weeks-long journey in extreme winter conditions. Often more then 15 km from the shores, with massive ice fractures full of open water. In the freezing temperatures. The lowest noticed - 29,5 Celsius below zero. Ice was moving and cracking every minute. Most of the journey depth under me and ice (sometimes very thin) was more then 1000 meters. But what’s the difference then? :) I had no support and any electrically heated garments. In fact, no camping gear or satellite phone. On my snow mobile. Oh, sorry, motorcycle. Alone.

Check some of the moments from the Baikal ice ride: