Magic '1000 km a day' ride: Vilnius - Vladivostok 11000 km

I always loved to play ‘1000 km a day’ rides. Which are magic for me. Once have checked 2000 km in two days. And got hooked. I started to see it as active meditation. But like with any other way of meditation, you can not perceive its’ ‘power’ while practicing one or two days. Only after longer period you can notice that your state, thoughts, feelings, reactions and relation to the environment changes, becomes lighter. So, you need at least 10 days. Actually more. In my case, map didn’t have much to offer for continuous ride of 1000 km every single day for at least 10 days. I am a budget traveler. So, i made a choice, to visit the most remote beach, where i could get without sea or air freight. Yeah, the beach on the Sea of Japan! So, i left home in July 2016. To reach the very east end of Russia, i had to hit hundreds of kilometers of traffic jams in western Russia. Some days of boring birch groves and swamps. Then Ural passes and Siberian wilderness. Plus 40 Celsius during a day to below zero temperatures in a morning. Daily rain with continuous lighting, endless steppes and taigas. Of course, millions of mosquitoes :) Great exploration happened. Especially of the self. This active meditation lasted 11000 km and 12 days plus two days of rest. On the same single cylinder motorbike. Alone.

Check some of the moments from 11000 km ride: