Ride to the desert: 5000 km in Morocco

Morocco was completely different world for my European eyes. Million thoughts then appeared: How to ride in the desert? Is it really feasible for me? etc. Decided to do it alone in December 2015. So, a light ride of 5000 km happened with a start in Alicante, Spain. I went through lovely Tarifa, Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakesh and met passes of Atlas mountain range right after. Camels on every curved and straight road supplied me with extraordinary views and feelings, when a sand storm began. Uhhh, to stop or not, was a question. Not because of danger, but to film. Unfortunately i didn’t. Pity. Mhamid village was the last spot before the desert. Then a real ride started. My previous experience of riding in the sand refreshed and let me to enjoy. It got me surprised, how sand can be deep and terrain of the desert different. Yet, so cool to ride. And not nice to dig. Finally i have found nomads bivouac in the middle of nowhere. And guess what? They served me with a comfy bed, delicious meals, all the stars and Wi-Fi :)

Check some of the moments from Africa: