Help make this adventure reality

For companies The Coldest Ride is only possible with sponsorship support.

You are not asked for the grant but for financial and/or gear support in exchange to your brand promotion and serious product testing in a harsh weather conditions.

Professional pictures, videos and reviews on your product will be in the media, what will bring you new customers.

This is a world record attempt!

For individuals Do you have massive sense of adventure? You are pro mechanic, film maker, marketer, media person or have ideas how to make this journey even more epic? Message your motivation and we can start chatting.

Or just call me +37065011181

For media I can supply you with exclusive content for your articles before, during and after the journey. Drop me a line and let’s agree.

Let’s make The Coldest Ride together. Let’s work together. Type your message in the form bellow and I’ll get back to you soon.